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Ascent Audiology & Hearing FAQ

Today we have Dr. Rebecca Brashears of Ascent Audiology here to tell us about an amazing development in hearing aids to help people who are tired of, or have issues changing those tiny little batteries in hearing aids but first, can you tell us a little about yourself?
Thank you for having me. I am a Doctor of Audiology who has been practicing as an Audiologist for over thirteen years. As a Doctor of Audiology I have the education that allows me to diagnose and treat those with hearing loss and related issues such as ringing or buzzing in the ears. I provide hearing healthcare services to the Tri-State area in my private practice, Ascent Audiology & Hearing in Huntington.

And you offer all types of hearing solutions in your private practice, give us an example.
I have the opportunity to offer the most advanced and comprehensive line of hearing solutions available. From rechargeable devices to devices that connect to an iPhone, there are options for all degrees of hearing loss and for individuals in all stages of life.

Now doctor, you have something interesting here, tell us about these rechargeable devices?
Here is a set of rechargeable devices that are ideal for those that want convenience as well as those who may have arthritis or vision issues. This is the rechargeable case. It is typically plugged into a wall outlet or a USB port. Once the case has been plugged in for 2 to 3 hours, the case can charge the devices 3 times without being plugged into the wall outlet. So, if electricity goes out, there is still a way to charge the devices. Once the hearing devices are charged 2 to 3 hours, the user will get approximately 30 hours of usage before the devices need charged again. Typically, a patient will charge the devices every evening.

Are the solutions you offer made in the United States?
Yes, the manufacturer I primarily work with is Starkey. They have been in business for over fifty years and are the only manufacturer based out of the United States. They are the first manufacture to develop healthables, which are hearing devices that not only help an individual hear, but also detect falls and measure heart rate and daily steps. Their hearing care solutions are top of the line.

What separates you from other providers in the area?
I am the only private practice Audiologist in Huntington. As a private practice Audiologist, I have the ability to provide personalized hearing healthcare for my patients without time constraints. When a individual becomes established at Ascent Audiology & Hearing, an ongoing relationship is developed. I am there for each of my patients to ensure they are doing well with their devices. My goal is to improve every patients quality of life through better hearing!