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About Us

Community Home Health Care was established in 2008 with the goal of providing excellent quality care to those in need of our services. We have grown substantially since then and added additional services for our patients. We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities to improve our company and quality of life for our clients.

We are proud to be the ONLY CHAP Accredited Home Health Company in Lawrence County Ohio. This is a testament to our diligent work, commitment to excellence, and skilled services provided to our clients with the highest level of care in industry standards. We understand you deserve the very best and it is because of our passion to be of great service we go the extra mile to achieve this great honor!

Community Home Health FAQ

I understand you have a 75 hour recruit program, could you tell us a little about that?
We are offering a class for anyone interested in becoming a Home Health Aide. A Home Health Aide’s responsibilities include but are not limited to light custodial work and personal care for our clients. The class duration will consist of 2 weeks, Monday through Friday. Once the course is completed, the student will have the required 75 hours of training to be a certified aide. The course ranges anywhere from textbook study to hands on training at local nursing homes. We are the only Home Health Agency in the area offering this training program free of cost to the student. We do this because it is so important for us to ensure the upmost care for our clients as well as our employees, and that includes being properly trained on all of our protocol when in the field.

With the 75 hour recruit program do you have to have previous experience?
No experience is required to be part of the 75 hour recruit program. After the class, there will be a test to ensure the student has retained the information necessary to meets all criteria in becoming a Home Health Aide. If you are already a certified Home Health Aide or Registered Nurse, we do take experience into consideration when hiring you and determining your pay rate.

How do I sign up for the next class?
Our next class will be held December 9th through the 20th at our home office in Ironton Ohio with a second class scheduled for January 6th through the 17th. All someone who was interested in taking the class would need to do is go on our website and fill out an application. Once the application is submitted, they would need to call our office and let us know which course dates work best for them. After that, all they would need to do is show up and complete the course.