Address: 809 Third Avenue, Suite 8 Huntington, WV 25701 View Map

Navarino Bay Greek Restaurant FAQ

Where are you located?
We are in downtown Huntington, located inside of The Market. Which is a small shopping concept. We are located on the mezzanine level over looking the hustle and bustle of the Market below.

So what is your specialty?
We specialize in Greek food that is influenced by French, Spanish, and Italian cuisines. Much like the area of Navarino Bay in Greece itself which is influenced by all of those cultures

What is Greek food like?
Greek food is honestly not much different from the normal cuisines that people eat everyday. There is a lot of beef, pork, cheese, vegetables. There is something on my menu for everyone. From a burger to a whole pan seared fish.

What makes a concept like Navarino Bay unique?
We make our food in house and fresh everyday. We use as much local product as we possibly can from tomatoes, to our special sausage which is locally sourced. Our decor isn't like your traditional Greek restaurant. It reflects the colors of the bay of Navarino, with unique Greek art hanging on the walls. We have interesting specials from time to time where I try my hand at something different and exciting. It is a relaxed and affordable nice atmosphere

Are there any deals or specials you run?
Yes, we have our Gyro Tuesday deal, where every gyro is $5, and you can get a gyro with a side for $7. We also have a senior citizen day all day on Wednesdays and this coming Sunday we have our special Christmas buffet from 12p-5p.