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About Us

Based in Ashland, Kentucky, King's Daughters Health System serves the healthcare needs of people across eastern Kentucky and southern Ohio. The health and well-being of the community is vitally important to us at King's Daughters. We owe our very existence to forward-thinking community members, to volunteers who helped shape King's Daughters, and to the patients and families who choose us for their care.

Our commitment to community drives us to give back. Our team members, physicians and health professionals provide free screenings and education, and participate in health fairs and other special events designed to help people and the community be healthier.

King's Daughters Medical Center (Marketing) FAQ

During Heart Month last year, King’s Daughters sold T-shirts as a fundraiser to purchase AEDs for the community. Can you tell me what an AED is and why you did this project?
Absolutely! Automated External Defibrillators are used when a person experiences a sudden cardiac arrest – when the heart just stops beating. That’s not quite the same as a heart attack and effective treatment requires a shock to the heart. An AED can deliver that shock. And it can be used by anyone – you don’t have to be a nurse, doctor or EMT to do it. The equipment will walk you through all the steps.

Were you able to buy and donate any AEDs, then?
Yes, we were incredibly successful. We sold more than 1,300 shirts to our team members, plus a few more to the general public. With their support, we were able to purchase and donate 25 AEDs to first-responders in our communities. Plus, we sponsored an AED clinic, where our team performed maintenance on existing AEDs, replaced batteries and made sure that those AEDs had the pads and supplies needed. We donated the AEDs to many different organizations – to sheriffs’ departments, police departments, a women’s shelter, schools in eastern Kentucky and southern Ohio. AEDs went to Prestonsburg, Portsmouth, Ashland, Grayson. The need was overwhelming!

So are you doing this project again?
In fact, we are! Our team members have already purchased nearly 1,000 shirts this year, and we are hoping the general public will get behind this initiative and help us help even more organizations this year. We’ve already received calls from volunteer fire departments, police departments and others who desperately need AEDs. The more shirts we sell, the more people we can help. In a sense, these shirts save lives. That’s why this year’s shirt design is “Red for a Reason.”

If someone wants to purchase a shirt, how can they go about doing that?
It’s really easy. We have an online store,, where people can go to order their shirt. They’re just $20, but of course there’s tax and shipping. Proceeds will be used to purchase AEDs.

And if you’re an organization that needs an AED?
All we ask is that a representative of the organization complete an application. They can call me at (606) 408-0455 and I’ll send the application to them. We don’t know yet how many AEDs we will be able to purchase, but we are hoping that with the public’s support we’ll be able to do as many as last year, if not more. We anticipate awarding the AEDs in the late spring or early summer.