Address: 920 Vernon Street
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About Us

The Armory Smokehouse

The Armory Smokehouse FAQ

Can you tell us about the concept for The Armory Smokehouse
We are centered around the support of veterans, families, and their surrounding communities. The Armory Smokehouse is military themed with memorabilia on display donated from veterans themselves to honor them. It was constructed out of the decommissioned armory building in Ironton, Ohio.

Obviously, you specialize in B.B.Q. Are there any other options available?
Actually, yes. We offer wood fired steaks, pastas, and during Lent we will even be offering special sea food dishes. We are working towards incorporation daily specials as well to keep the guest experience fresh. If you are interested in something a little sweeter we also have an amish bakery incorporated into our business as well!

Do you have a bar?
One of the longest bars in the tri-state! We offer 36 draft beers with 30 of them being craft selections. We utilize a beer system called bottoms up that actually delivers the beer through the bottom of the glass. With such a wide selection you're also welcome to have one of our more popular ones being the "Smokehouse Mary". It's our take on BBQ Bloody Mary.

Do you offer any kind of catering options or special events?
Yes, we cater to local businesses and other social events. You can contact us at the restaurant to place your orders or even book our party room for private parties. You can stay connected with our upcoming events on our Facebook page.

Where are you located?
We are located off of Interstate 52 at the State Route 93 exit behind the Frisch's Big Boy in Ironton Ohio. Our sign is atop the smokestack of the armory.