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Huntington Behavioral Health FAQ

How is Huntington Behavioral Health – Women’s Children’s Clinic maintaining Behavioral Health during a crisis?
It can be difficult to maintain behavioral health during a crisis of this magnitude. Especially if you already have mental health challenges. But even if you don’t being continually bombarded with information regarding your health and safety evokes anxiety. Seeking out Behavioral Health may be warranted even if it is time limited. This is why we are choosing to maintain our services throughout this crisis.

What Services and Crisis Information are you guys providing?
Typically, it is recommended by APA to meet at least once in-person with a patient before using telemedicine. Under the circumstances, we are temporarily suspending this requirement to keep from creating a bottleneck effect in an already underserved area. We are going to continue providing all services offered by Huntington Behavioral Health. Since the Secretary of the DHHR declared this a health crisis we will even be able to provide Substance Abuse Treatment and Medication Assisted Treatment via Telemedicine.

How are you guys easing things and making things more accessible for patients?
When you are depressed, anxious or completely overwhelmed it is difficult to think about learning a new task. For this reason, we have spent the last couple weeks trying out the ease and convenience of different telehealth platforms. We finally found one that is really easy to use. You will receive a link through you email or text, whatever you prefer. You simply click on the link and and you are connected with your provider. Would you like to try it. (For a demo I will need a cell phone number)

How can patients pay?
Payment is billed through your insurance just like a regular visit to your provider and co-pays can be taken by a credit or debit card over the phone or we will send a bill to your home address.

Is this something that will continue in the future?
Currently the regulations have been relaxed to accommodate to the crisis situation. We will continue to use telemedicine but we expect the need for modifications over the coming months.