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The CVB works outside our area to bring people into the area and show them all there is to see and do while they are here.

Cabell-Huntington Convention & Visitors Bureau FAQ

You're with the Convention and Visitors Bureau here in Huntington. Tell us what you do.
We work to bring visitors into the area and then show them all there is to see and do while they are here.

And there's a special event you are promoting now?
Yes. It's called Funington. This is the third year and we have partnered with the parks department, the museum of art, Camden Park and Heritage Farm to provide events for kids and families every week day in June and July.

Katie, what are you most excited about with Funington?
I really like the museum and the events at the park.

Brooks, what do you think is the most fun?
Camden Park! I like the rides and the food. And my favorite ride is the roller coaster.

How can we find out more information as well as times and ticket prices?
You can go to the Funington page on Facebook, or visit our website at . There are reduced fees for Camden Park and Heritage Farm and there is no charge for the events at the park and the museum.

-CVB hosts Valley Gem Riverboat for ten days starting October 27, 2016.
-Offers sightseeing and dinner cruises as well as private rentals.
-Contact the CVB and sign up to receive the CVBs free weekly email on all there is to see and do in the Huntington area

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