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Cabell Huntington Hospital
Moms Segment: Cabell Huntington Hospial
Moms Segment: Cabell Huntington Hospial
"Bariatric surgeon Dr. Semeret Munie discusses surgical weight control "
Cabell Huntington Hospital: Spinal deformity
Cabell Huntington Hospital: Plastic surgery
Cabell Huntington Hospital: Senior Fest
Cabell Huntington Hospital: Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month
Cabell Huntington Hospital: Pain management
Cabell Huntington Hospital: Vaccines for kids
Cabell Huntington Hospital: Orthopedic surgery
Cabell Huntington Hospital: Artisans Express
Cabell Huntington Hospital: Orthopedic sports medicine
Cabell Huntington Hospital: Gift shop and auxiliary
Cabell Huntington Hospital: Colorectal Awareness Month
Moms Everyday/Dr. Raj Khanna
Cabell Huntington Hospital: Treating Multiple Sclerosis
Cabell Huntington Hospital: Tri-State Stars
Cabell Huntington Hospital: Advancements in breast cancer treatment
Cabell Huntington Hospital: Breast Cancer Awareness
Cabell Huntington Hospital: Mountain Games
Cabell Huntington Hospital - Sepsis Awareness Month
Cabell Huntington Hospital & St. Mary's Medical Center
Cabell Huntington Hospital: Breastfeeding
Ovarian Cancer
Greater Huntington Walks Initiative - Walk to the Moon & Beyond
Joint Pain & Replacement
National Nurse's Week
Marshall Sports Medicine Institute: Medical Kit Donations
Travel & Summer Tips for Expectant Moms
National Stop the Bleed Day
Health: Back & Knee Pain
National Athletic Training Month
Tri-State Stars
New Series At Huntington's Kitchen
Pain Management Center
Marshall Senior Pain & Wellness Center
Cabell Huntington Wound Center
Young Women's Hematology Clinic & Oncology
Easy Holiday Recipes
Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Importance of Mammograms
Mountain Games
Cabell Huntington Hospital - Nerve Trauma
Cancer - Colors for a Cure
Ride for Hoops & Hotdog Festival
Davinci Robot System
Robotic Surgery
McDonald's Tri-State Criterium
Cabell Huntington Hospital - Recognizing the Signs & Symptoms of Stroke
Teays Valley Facility
Athletic Training & Why Important
3D Breast Biopsies
Helping Breast Cancer Patients
Youth Sports Combine
Technology Advancements for Lunch Cancer Patients
Trauma Patients
What is Spina Bifida
Purpose of Eyelids
Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome
Colors for a Cure
Oral Health
Prostate Health
Mountain Games
Cardiac Patients
Certified Nurses
Oculoplastic Surgery
Voice Disorders
Cancer of the Esophagus
Surgical Training Outcomes
Body Contouring
Cervical Cancer
Holiday Grief Signs
Cervical Cancer Screenings
Hoops Family Children's Hospital
Candidates for Reconstructive Surgery After Breast Cancer
Bariatric Surgery
Perinatal Center
HPV Vaccine
Teenage Trauma
Marshall Sports Medicine Institute
Hot Dog Festival
Pediatric Plastic Surgery
Planning for Pregnancy
Outpatient Knee Replacement Surgery
National Nurses Week
Food Allergies
Early Detection and Screenings for Cervical Cancer
Gastroenterology Issues
Health Fair and Getting Older
Diabetes & Statistics
Kidney Stones
Athletic Training and Sports Medicine
Colon Cancer Awareness
What to know if thinking of having a baby
Calcium CT Scoring
Genetic Testing
Birth Control Myths
Cervical Cancer Screening Month
Seniors and Avoiding Falls
New Invention: ChemoID
Eating Healthier During the Holidays
Treating Overactive Bladder
Genetic Testing for Heredetary Cancer
Flu Immunizations
Getting Vaccinated While Pregnant
Does Temperature Affect Pain Levels?
5K for Cancer
Women's Health
Surgical Oncologist
Breast Cancer Awareness
Senior Fest
Weight Loss Surgery
Overactive Bladder
Athletic Sports Injuries
Back to School Health Checkups
Diabetes and Diet
Getting Summer Injuries Checked Out
Low Testosterone
July 4th Injuries
New Children's Hospital
Concussions In Children
Food Allergies
Summer Orthopaedic Injuries
Bladder Cancer
Poison Ivy and How to Avoid It
Obesity and Pain
Future of Nursing
Allergy Season
How Age Affects Fertility
Multiple Sclerosis
Child Orthopedics
Kidney Stones
Knee and Hip Replacement
Women's Health
Childhood Obesity
Urinary Incontinence
Back Pain
National Heart Health Month
Cervical Health
Cabell Huntington Hospital
Flu Myths

About Us

Cabell Huntington Hospital is a regional, 303-bed referral center located in Huntington, West Virginia. Opened in 1956, it is also a teaching hospital and is affiliated with Marshall University Schools of Medicine and Nursing.
  • To meet your lifetime healthcare needs
  • To provide an atmosphere of service, quality and efficiency
  • To maintain an emphasis on healthcare education






Myths About the Flu

  • The Flu is annoying but harmless.
  • The Flu vaccine can give you the flu.
  • There is no treatment for Flu.
  • Antibiotics can fight the Flu.
  • The Flu is only dangerous for the elderly.
  • If you get the Flu you can't get it again that season.
  • You can skip years between Flu shots.
  • The vaccine is dangerous.
  • It's too late to get the vaccine now that Flu is in the area.