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About Us

The Kanawha County Public Library system is the largest public library system in West Virginia.  We offer free programs and services for people of all ages, from birth to senior citizens.  KCPL envisions itself as "the people's premier source of information in a community where learning and reading are revered and being well informed is valued".  Our patrons include cardholders from all 55 counties in West Virginia which opens a doorway to a world of learning through print books, DVDs, eBooks, electronic resources, free programming and much more.  Visit us today!

Vision Statement

We envision the Kanawha County Public Library as the people’s premier source of information in a community where learning and reading are revered and being well informed is valued.

Mission Statement

  • To provide free and equal access to information
  • To provide citizens with job training and career development information that will prepare them for a competitive job market
  • To enrich individual and family lives through satisfying educational, recreational and cultural experiences
  • To enable patrons to access new information technology
  • To provide opportunities for lifelong learning
  • To serve as the center of community life
  • To use available resources efficiently
  • To seek additional resources

Kanawha County Public Library FAQ

What is your Summer Library Club?
Our Summer Library Club is a free program that encourages children to read for fun during the summer. Children ages 0-5 earn prizes for listening to books read to them; children ages 6-12 receive prizes for books they read. Participating in the Summer Library Club helps prevent summer slide, which is a tendency for students to lose academic achievements made during the previous school year.

Do I have to read the books in the library?
Children and families are invited to check out books and take them home to read after they have registered for the Summer Library Club. They will earn prizes after logging the books they have read. Once they complete their gamesheet, they are automatically entered into our Grand Prize drawing.

My child is enrolled in a daycare this summer so won't be able to participate, correct?
KCPL recognizes the fact that many children in our area are enrolled in daycare and other enrichment programs. We work closely with staff members of these programs to enroll classrooms in the Summer Library Club which allows them to count books read to students, earn prizes, and possibly attend library programs.

What does it mean to attend Summer Library Club programs?
KCPL offers a variety of programs and events from June 1 to July 31 as part of our Summer Library Club. These children and family programs are free to participants and most require no advance registration. Pick and choose what works best for your family's scheduling needs and spend your summer with KCPL!

How can I model good reading habits for my children?
Summer Library Club isn't just for children! We also offer Libraries Rock! summer reading clubs for teens and adults. Enroll in one of these and make summer reading a habit for the entire family. Let your children see you read books, magazines, newspapers, or listen to audiobooks, and they will know that reading is important to you too. And no matter how old your children are, continue to read aloud to them. For many young children, we forget that reading is a learned skill that takes time. A family read aloud time helps them to continue to enjoy books without the stress and hard work of deciphering the words on their own.

The Kanawha County Public Library is the largest public library system in West Virginia. We have nearly 100,000 card holders, and while the vast majority of our library system patrons are from Kanawha and Putnam Counties, residents from all 55 West Virginia counties are represented in the cardholder database.

There are more than 600,000 items in the library collection; approximately 300,000 of those are housed at the Main Library with the remainder distributed among our 9 branch libraries and Mobile Library.

Patron visits to all libraries in the system total nearly 750,000 per year, and approximately 1 million library items circulate in a year’s time.

Almost 100 percent of the library’s services are FREE to the public.

Our Services

Computers and Wi-Fi - Use one of our public access computers or bring your own and sign onto our free wi-fi, available at all KCPL locations.

Printing and Copying - All KCPL locations are equipped with printers and copiers.

Mobile Library - In the tradition of our original Bookmobile, today’s Mobile Library offers many of the same services and materials as our branch locations.

Services for Teachers and Homeschoolers - Contact your location for educator resources (preschool storytime kits, teacher collections and other materials for classroom use).  Learn More ≈

Reference Services - Have a question that needs answering? Our librarians are here to help in person, by phone, or online. Call us, today: 304-343-4646.  Learn More ≈

Credit & Debit Card Payments - It is now possible to pay KCPL library fees with your credit or debit card, either online (through the library catalog) or in person at the Main Library in Charleston, the Cross Lanes Branch Library and the St. Albans Branch Library.  More Info ≈

Public Meeting Rooms - Most Kanawha County Public Library locations have meeting rooms available for use by individuals and organizations.  Learn More ≈

Interlibrary Loans - If you are unable to find a specific book or article in the KCPL catalog, you may request an interlibrary loan.  Learn More ≈

Group Tours & Class Visits - Contact your location about group tours and class visits. Tours can include special programs or personalized instruction.  Learn More ≈

ADA & Accessibility - We strive to make our services, facilities, and programs accessible for everyone, including for those who have disabilities.  Learn More ≈