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About Us

Everybody needs a family. At Necco, our mission is to build families through foster care and adoption. We connect nurturing, loving adults with open hearts to children ages birth to 18 years who, for whatever unfortunate reason, have been displaced from their homes. By fostering or adopting a child through Necco, you become an everyday hero.  Join us.


What is the criteria for becoming a foster parent?
A big heart. The most important criteria is the desire to open your home to children in need. Each state has differing regulations on criteria for becoming a foster parent. To ensure that you meet the criteria for your state, contact your local Necco Office.

Is there funding available for foster parents?
Foster parents are reimbursed for their care of foster children. This can be referred to as a Foster “per diem." Money received by foster parents is not subject to taxes or considered income.

What are the steps to becoming a foster parent?
Fostering is a family decision. We encourage our applicants to have discussions about the decision to foster with the entire family. If you think this is the direction for you and your family, contact your local office. Although the approval process can vary from state to state, generally, you can expect: weekly training sessions, home visits made to your home, a home study completed on you and your family and a background check.

Why should I become a foster parent?
There is no better feeling than being a foster parent. Yes, the need is great, but the feeling you get when you become a child’s hero is far greater. Currently, there are over 400,000 children living in the U.S. foster care system and not enough foster parents to provide a loving home for them. Research has shown that foster parents who provide stability, security and a good relationship can help young people to develop and mature emotionally. (Social Care Institute for Excellence).

We work full time, can we still foster?
Yes, absolutely! There are enough children in care to match the different needs of a foster child with the different capabilities of foster parents. This includes things like experience, schedules, and family dynamics.

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