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Phone: (740) 377-3474

About Us

We are the largest fishing tackle store in the Tri-State area! With 6,000 square feet of fishing and hunting supplies. We can meet all of your fishing needs, and have a nice selection of hunting supplies. We have great prices on guns and ammo. Stop by to see our selection, and talk to our knowledgeable staff!

Tackle Box FAQ

So Greg, this weekend is your big Open House..... How long have you been doing this?
We've done this about 20 years...

I've always heard of your store, what is it that the Tackle Box is known for?
People know us for our spinner baits and our buzz baits. We make them here and folks come from all over just to buy them.

Alright, you've got somebody new with you today, you are Drew Sadler? And Drew, what company are you with?
I'm with Shimano, our company produces some of the most precision engineered rods and reels on the market!

And Drew, you are going to be at the Tackle Box's Open House this weekend, what will you have there?
Yes, the Tackle Box always puts on an amazing event! I'm bringing a whole truck load of rods and reels. They will be pre-rigged so folks can get a better feel, you can even cast them before you buy, our customers really like that!

You always have a huge crowd at your store during the Open House, why do so many people visit you in South Point?
We have a great turn out, if you've never been to one, you're really missing something! This is your opportunity to see some really unique products and check out the latest baits and of course learn how to really handle the Shimano rods and reels.