Pit Bull Ban Falls Flat in Point Pleasant

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POINT PLEASANT, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- Talk of banning pit bull breeds in Point Pleasant drew plenty of angry residents during a city council meeting Monday night.

Council ultimately voted to defeat the ordinance to ban pit bull breeds, while also amending a proposal to grandfather in all existing pit bulls in town.

In the end, though, questions of enforcement seemed to create more issues than council members thought the ordinance was worth.

Upset residents complained that pit bulls aren't the only breed of dogs guilty of bad behavior. The meeting was full of passionate pit bull owners defending their family pets. They included Mike Bailey who says pit bulls are every bit as sweet and lovable as a child. He says it's not fair to target only them for a ban.

Several West Virginia residents from state pit bull support groups also attended the meeting and shared information and statistics in protest of a breed specific ban.

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