Teens Targeting Homeless with Violent Beatings

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Beating others for sport. We've seen it for years with so-called fight clubs--kids fighting, taping it and then putting it on the internet. But, now that's moved one step further--targeting the weakest and most vulnerable. Teens are now getting their kicks out of beating homeless people.
It's called bum beating or bum fights.
It's all over the internet--teens targeting an unsuspecting homeless person and then beating them violently while their friends watch, laugh and videotape it. It happened to a man here in Huntington who says this is no laughing matter.

“They were serious. They're seriously out to hurt the people in the community and the people in the community need to know what's going on,” said William Mullins.

Mullins was sitting in the amphitheatre at Huntington's riverfront minding his own business when a large group of kids approached him. He thought it was all fun and games, but it quickly turned out to be something much worse.

“They jumped on me and went to fighting and banging,” said Mullins.

Mullins, already suffering from a crippling disability, was left beaten and bruised by as many as 20 teens. But, this was more than a random act of violence.

“It's all organized the way they've got the cameras set up. I think they were trying to get the light in the right position,” said Mullins.

It's called bum fights and is a national craze. A search on Youtube brought up more than 5000 hits--videos from around the country of kids beating on the homeless.

“It makes me sick in my stomach,” said Pastor Pete Davidson.

Davidson heads up the Huntington City Mission and cares for the homeless. He can’t wait to see those responsible punished.

“Arrests will be made and they will be prosecuted,” said Detective Cass McMillian, Huntington Police Department.

“They think it's funny, but I don't. It's not funny to me now. I've got a whole different attitude now. I hate to say it, but the next child that jumps on me, I will defend myself,” said Mullins.

So far, two of the juveniles have been arrested with more on the way.
Detective McMillian says those involved range in age from 14-17.

This crime was discovered when folks saw the video posted on Facebook and called police to report it.

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