UPDATE: Chemical Leak in Kanawha Puts off Strong Smell

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it wasn't your imagination if you smelled a foul odor Friday morning in the Institute - St. Albans area.

Kanawha County emergency officials tell us a chemical used to make insecticide (Larvin) leaked from three plastic drums at the Bayer CropScience plant.

The chemical is called Thiodicarb -- and we're told it poses no health hazards, but it has a strong smell.

A company spokeperson told WSAZ that the lack of wind actually made the situation worse because the chemical didn't break up like it normally does.

All is clear now and there was never a shelter in place issued.


Institute, W.Va. – Odors were released from a production system and warehouse at the Bayer CropScience Institute site early this morning. Three drums of thiodicarb vented material as a result of decomposition. There was no fire.

Emergency crews at the site responded to the incident by cooling the equipment and containers with water. The material was further stabilized by workers at the site with additional water.

There were odors on and offsite, as the cabbage-type odor is pungent and readily detectable at extremely low concentrations. Active odor mitigation efforts have been underway at the site. However, initial follow-up by site Industrial Hygiene professionals indicates no material detectable, even in the immediate area.

No shelter-in-place recommendations were issued either on or off-site as a result of this minor event. An all-clear for the site was issued at 5:50 am. The cause of the incident remains under investigation.

Representatives from Metro 911 and the WVDEP were notified, as were representatives of the WV State University, the WV Rehabilitation Center.

Thiodicarb is an active ingredient in Larvin®, agricultural product widely used to control insects by growers throughout the world.

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