2 Men Walk 47 Miles Carrying Crosses in Hopes of Impacting Passing Drivers

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CEREDO, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- If you walked from Huntington, West Virginia, to Portsmouth, Ohio, it would take about 16 hours. Now imagine carrying a 10-foot tall cross the entire way.

That's the challenge two men from Ceredo, West Virginia, are taking on. Norman Armstrong and Willie Phillips say they're walking the 47-mile ministry to remind people that they are loved by God. Both men are carrying a 10 foot cross. Even though traffic is whizzing by, they say they hope those few seconds they're seen by drivers will impact their day in a positive way.

"Maybe as a child they went to church or maybe a song that they learned in church at a younger age or maybe that got something going on that they actually prayed this morning about and God will use us as a confirmation to say, look I heard you, I heard you," said Norman Armstrong.

The two men started walking Friday morning at 7:30 a.m. and will walk as far as they can into the night. They'll set up camp and finish the journey Saturday.

Armstrong attends New Testament Freewill Baptist Church and Phillips is a member of Baptist Temple.

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