20 Year Plan Could Bring New Life to Valley Park in Putnam County

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PUTNAM COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- New things could soon be coming to Valley Park in Putnam County.

During a meeting Tuesday, GAI consultants submitted a 20 year plan for the park to Putnam County Commissioners.

The consultants have spent the past 14 months looking at ways to get more people to Valley Park. The plan was designed around the survey residents in Putnam County filled out about what they would like to see at the park.

The plan calls to add a recreational center to Waves of Fun. The center would include, a swimming and baby pool, along with a lazy river. The consultants say these additions are needed to attract more than teenagers.

The survey also suggests adding a third ball field and a soccer field.

Consultants recommend converting the current barn at the park into a farmers market and bazaar.

Under the plan, the area near the pond would also be improved by adding a dock and turning the area around the water into more of a loop where park goers can drive around it. The loop would include a third of a mile trail to provide more area for people to exercise.

The plan also calls to improve the amphitheater by replacing the current stage with a concrete stage.

"Once you get that up and running and bringing in more revenue, those funds can used towards other parks. Then we talk about how you can explore different grants, public-private partnerships, etc, to really start to help with these parks," David Gilmore, with GAI Consultants said.

The consultants still have to determine how to phase in the improvements. Once that part of the study is finished it will be submitted to the county.

All of the improvements are expected to cost more than $10M.

The county is looking to fund the project through TIF funding, along with different grants that are available. The county is also looking for private donations.

The county plans to have an open house where people in the community can look at the plans and ask questions. A date for the opening house has not been set.

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