Jackson Apple Festival Aims to Please

Apple-icous for Jackson Festival

It is 65 years old and still going strong. And every year since 1937 (save for the war years from 41 thru 46) the Jackson Apple Festival has celebrated the apple harvest and autumn season.

The first event pitched its tent when FDR was president and Babe Ruth was just 2 years into retirement from baseball. Locally, the great Flood of 1937 had devastated the Ohio River Valley in January just months before the first apples graced the scene on Main and Broadway for the inaugural Jackson Apple Festival.

Since then, this extravaganza has taken on a unique persona of its own attracting up and coming local musical talents, the Ohio State University marching band and a host of world class country music entertainers. I will let you scan the event marquee at the official website for this year’s star studded festival.


I have enjoyed several Apple Festivals and my most vivid recollection is the aroma of hot apple butter being churned and fermented by the local churches. Talk about a sweet fragrance!

I will be traveling to Jackson with Carrie Cline and Rob Johnson and others from WSAZ for a Wednesday tour of the Apple Festival grounds. There we will enjoy a true slice of Americana! If all goes well, I will be part of the Grand Festival parade on Saturday night, though I am submitting my application late, so I need someone with pull to garner me a slot..

As for the weather, the apple gods will be smiling upon Jackson with sunny skies by day and the stars twinkling at night thru the weekend. Highs will reach 75-80 thru Friday then make it into the 80s by Saturday. Kids should lather up with the sun block before taking in the daytime action!

Since evening temperatures will dip into the 60s after sunset, you will need a light jacket for late evening concerts on the main stage.

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