Bill Supports Guns on State Capitol Grounds

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ)-- Bringing a gun or other weapons to the State Capitol Complex isn't allowed. But, one Senator believes the ban on weapons is too broad.

Preston County Senator Dave Sypolt brought Bill 147 before the Senate last week. It proposes repealing the prohibition on bringing deadly weapons onto the State Capitol Complex.

"You're going to have that knee jerk reaction oh gosh he wants crazies running around the capitol with guns," said Senator Sypolt. "That's not the intent at all."

What the Senator wants is for certified gun owners to at least have the right to keep their weapons in their vehicles while doing business at the capitol.

"I don't remember seeing any signs at the gate I come through into the parking area saying I can't carry a pistol or a rifle in my vehicle. Now, if a person had a concealed carry permit and wanted to conduct business at the capitol they wouldn't be able to have it disassembled, unloaded and locked in their vehicle to park on the campus."

Senator Sypolt even suggests giving gun owners the option of handing over their weapons to a guard. He says having a lock box at the entrance gates would allow them to hand over their weapons and then get them back on their way out.

Sypolt says that at face value the bill may seem drastic, but it's simply aimed at making things easier for those who legally exercise their rights to bear arms.

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