UPDATE: Bill Proposes Drug Tests for Driver's License

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UPDATE 2/19/13 @ 10:25 p.m.
KANAWHA COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- Ali Wymer is still only 14, so her mom Kelly has to pick her up from school for the next couple of years until she can get her driver’s license.

"They're too young to maneuver a vehicle, and they don't know the consequences of using drugs while behind that steering wheel," Kelly Wymer said.

But, for Ali to get her license, she might have to take more than just a driving test.

"Drug testing before a driving test isn't really going to change the fact that kids do it in the first place," Ali said.

A newly introduced bill would require teen drivers to take three drug tests before they can get their license.

They’d have to pass a drug test before receiving their learner’s permit, intermediate license and full license.

"So the goal was: they really want to get that driver's license -- their incentive would be to not use anything and maybe not bow down to peer pressure to succumb to drug use," state Del. Joe Ellington, R-Mercer, said.

Ellington says this would be a good way to stop kids from starting drugs to begin with. But not everyone agrees, saying it’s not a long-term solution to the state’s drug problem.

"They can stay clean for three days, pass the drug test and then get right back on drugs -- so, is this the answer? No," said Del. Justin Marcum, D-Mingo.

"They can get it out of their systems before they go and take the test, but after that it's not going to stop them from doing it," Ali Wymer said.

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) - A bill proposed in the West Virginia House of Delegates would require three separate drug tests before teenagers could get a driver's license.

It is the latest in a string of proposals to expand government-mandated drug testing in the state.

The bill introduced Tuesday would require potential drivers to pass a drug test before they receive a learner's permit, an intermediate license and a full license.

Last April, Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin signed an executive order mandating drug testing for anyone who participates in government funded job-training programs.

Currently there are proposed bills in the House that would require drug testing for individuals seeking welfare, expand drug testing for coal miners and require health care providers to release the drug testing records of minors to their parents.

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