Duck Dynasty Visits Charleston for Good Cause

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- The stars were out in Charleston tonight: reality stars that is; along with lots of beards, camo, and ducks.

Fans of Duck Dynasty couldn't wait to catch a glimpse of some of their favorite characters.

Seeing this much camoflauge in one place, you might think it's hunting season.

However, there's only one thing these people have in their sights.

"I want to see duck dynasty," said Aydan Blair.

Blair and his dad came from Ironton, Ohio to catch a glimpse and get a picture with the TV stars. They weren't the only ones.

"I was wondering what Si was like in real life," said Andrew Reynolds.

Miss Kay, Korie, everybody's favorite uncle, and the rest of the gang were in town for "Dare to be a Duck."

While the night had plenty of stories, laughs, and photos, it also focused on something else, a ministry.

"That's the extra bonus to all this," said Andrew's dad Stephen.

Youth Commission International has Christian clubs in schools around the world, including 12 in West Virginia.

"We have students who love the lord and are trying to make a difference in their homes, trying to make a difference in the community, and also on their school campus," said YCI's President and CEO Dennis Williams.

The club has kids taking the initiative to take a stand for their beliefs, just like the family they watch every week. Williams hopes this event is the spark to get more involved.

"We hope things explode here," said Williams.

To learn more about Youth Commission International, visit

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