First Presidential Debate of 2016 Campaign to be in Dayton

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DAYTON, Ohio (AP) - The first presidential debate of the 2016 general election campaign will be at Ohio's Wright State University.

The Commission on Presidential Debates announced Wednesday the sites for the three presidential debates and one for the vice presidential candidates.

Wright State in Dayton will host the Sept. 26 debate, the first presidential debate for the school. However, the school was in the political spotlight in 2008 when Republican presidential candidate John McCain introduced Sarah Palin as his running mate at the school's Nutter Center, where the debate will be held next year.

Named after Dayton's aviation-pioneering Wright Brothers, the school has an enrollment of some 18,000 students.

Ohio has been a crucial swing state in recent presidential elections, and the GOP is holding its national convention in Cleveland next July.

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