Huntington Mayor Gives State of the City Address

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2014 Mayor's Budget Message

2014-2015 Proposed Budget

City of Huntington Departmental Report

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- On Friday, Huntington Mayor Steve Williams delivered his State of the City Address.

Williams said "The fiscal condition and state of our city is sound and certainly the strongest it has been in several years. However, due to the neglect and timidity of many who sat in these seats before us, we are left with the task of addressing issues that have been ignored for too long."

In the past year, Williams says the partnership between administration and council has fostered a culture of expectation and achievement.

Included in the highlights of 2013, paving seven miles of roads during the spring and summer.

The Mayor says for the first time in years, the Department of Public Works is adequately staffed and administered more efficiently. He says the fire department is funded at a level to ensure the stations are properly staffed and there are more firefighters on staff now than in the last 10 years. It's a similar story with the Huntington Police Department, which is at its highest staffing level in 30 years.

For the upcoming year, there are several things Mayor Williams says he would like to do, but at this time, the budget will not allow it. This includes implementing a community policing model, construction of two new fire departments, and being proactive with making infrastructure repairs before a catastrophe happens.

There are several items that Mayor Williams does plan to bring to the table, including a 3% pay raise for all bargaining unit employees and administrative personnel.

The Mayor is also proposing moving the Stormwater Division to the Sanitary Board.

To read more on the mayor's speech and budget proposal, click the link at the top of the story.

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