No Rioting in Morgantown After WVU Loss

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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- What could have been a wild night in Morgantown turned out to be quite the opposite.

Though it was up 27-14 in the 3rd quarter, West Virginia University lost their game 31-30 to Texas Christian University on a last-second field goal.

This matchup was the first home game since the Mountaineers played Baylor two weeks ago. Following that game, riots and fires caused nearly $45,000 in damage.

The university took serous action following the incidents, including expelling the students who were involved.

Law enforcement agencies told WSAZ they had new strategies for Saturday's game. Well over 100 officers and deputies were working on game day. However, their strategies weren't focused on more officers on patrol, simply because on many game days all officers are already working.

Students had been talking about possible riots all week on campus.

Following the game, many students WSAZ talked with said they were too disappointed to riot or be in the streets.

"It really will impact the rioting, the shenanigans if you will. It will really make a huge impact on Morgantown as a whole, not just as one," said Nick Britton, a student.

Many students were hoping a win Saturday would be the icing on the cake. They had been preparing and celebrating all week in Tent City.

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