Pit Bull Put Down After Attacking 9-Year-Old Girl

NEW BOSTON, Ohio (WSAZ) -- A 9-year-old girl is back home recovering after being viciously attacked by a neighbor's pit bull.

The girl's family says considering what happened in this dog's recent past, this should've never been allowed to happen.

Caleigh Blower, who had just started 4th grade, was playing on a swing set with a friend two houses down from her home on Rhodes Avenue in New Boston, when she saw a pit bull push the screen door open.

"It jumped up and then bit my face, and then I fell on the ground," she said.

"Her skin was gone," Caleigh's mother Jamie Blower said. "There was nothing left. Her right arm, the meat was hanging out. It was down to the bone."

It happened September 5. Caleigh had skin graft surgery in Columbus earlier this week.

"Even if makeup can cover the scars, it can't cover what's been done to her mentally," Jamie said.

Jamie says she knew the neighbor had dogs but didn't know any were capable of something like this.

She says it's even more unsettling finding out this wasn't the first incident with this dog.

The police report says the dog's owner had been cited in July when the pit bull got loose and attacked another dog.

The report states the owner also told police her pit bull had bitten someone who was delivering medication a month ago.

"Caleigh is going to have to have multiple surgeries," Jamie said. "I feel like she (the dog's owner) should be responsible for that."

Jamie says she feels like she should've been notified there was a dangerous animal only two houses down from her own.

"I don't want anyone else younger than me to go through it," Caleigh said.

The dog's owner appeared in the New Boston mayor's court Wednesday. She was fined several hundred dollars and sentenced to one day in the county jail, police tell WSAZ.

Her dog was ordered to be put down.

The dog owner told WSAZ Thursday evening she had no comment, but that the dog has already been euthanized.