Snow in Monday Forecast

Snow Squalls to Greet Back to School/Work

After the warmest December in local recorded history, the first few days of 2016 have trended to a more reasonable winter clime with frosty morns and chilled days.

Now comes word from meteorologist Josh Fitzpatrick of the first snow showers and squalls of the New Year.

All weekend long Josh has been hitting hard the notion that an arctic front will be crossing the region armed with gusty winds and rounds of snow showers even a few heavier squalls on Monday.

In this case it appears both the morning and evening commutes will see widespread snow flurries with embedded snow showers.

With those flurries being energized by the suddenly cold air, the makings of briefly blinding snow squalls will be established.

Since the ground has not yet recovered from the long warmth of fall, the prospects of melting snow first wetting paved surfaces is high. However, the expected drop in temperature as these squalls pass would introduce the real risk of black ice forming on elevated surfaces first. That thin ice would then be freshly coated with snow.

This can lead to poor travel conditions by car (low vision and icy spots) and by foot (what appears to be a mere coating of snow can actually hide ice underneath).

So as the kids head back to school, an alteration in the day’s schedule (delays, a few closings and early let outs) will need to be monitored.

On Sunday evening Josh will have the latest accumulations expected (Saturday night Josh predicted a few inches in the mountains with a slick coating possible anywhere). Then Brandon will man the weather center and track the squalls as they arrive on Monday morning.