Stink Fest Brings Big Crowds to the Huntington's West End

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HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- Huntington's farmer's market, The Wild Ramp, hosted its first ever "Stink Fest" Saturday.

A full day of fun for the whole family was planned including a ramp cookoff, games, music and a raffle of ramp goodies.

Festival organizers named it "stink fest" for the wild onion's unpleasant smell. However, despite the stench hundreds of people enjoyed the West Virginia plant by cooking it in all kinds of dishes, even ice cream.

"Since opening in July of 2012, we've wanted to have one but we didn't have the space, and since moving to old Central City we now have the space to do it," said Market Manager, Shelly Keeney.

Central City sits in the heart of Huntington's west end, an area known for having a high crime rate. The market fell victim to that crime a few weeks ago when it was robbed.

"It was really devastating and made us lose a little bit of faith," said Keeney.

However, extra police enforcement on the west end and little help from a stranger restored their faith.

"Someone that had grown up in this end of town came in and gave us the cash we lost," said Keeney.

Now, with music and the smell of ramps in the air, they're back and bigger than ever. Organizers say it's a celebration of West Virginia's smelly food staple and Huntington's staple of hope on the west end.

"I think it's important for the west end of Huntington to have an anchor, and I think the wild ramp is that anchor," said Keeney.

She says they hope this is the first of many "Stink Fests". They're already planning to expand it beyond the market and throughout the rest of Central City.