UPDATE: W.Va. Pastor Found Murdered in His Home; Woman Arrested

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UPDATE 2/9/15 @ 10 p.m.
BECKLEY, W.Va. (WSAZ/WV MetroNews) -- A Beckley woman recently was arrested in connection with the weekend murder of a pastor in Raleigh County, according to information from our media partner WV MetroNews.

On Monday, police charged 19-year-old Camille Brown in the murder of Pastor Ron Browning.

Brown was already in the Southern Regional Jail after she allegedly broke into a home and tried to bite a police officer, which also happened on Saturday, WV MetroNews reports.

According to reports, Brown told police she had murdered a man with gray hair on Saturday. Brown lives on a street nearby where Browning lived on Odessa Avenue.

WV MetroNews reports that Brown was covered in blood when police found her. She said the blood and the cuts on her hands were from the murder.

Browning, 68, was pastor at Cool Ridge Community Church.

ORIGINAL STORY 2/9/15 @ 12:57 p.m.
BECKLEY, W.Va. (WSAZ/WVVA) -- A pastor was murdered over the weekend in Beckley, West Virginia.

Beckley Police say Pastor Rob Browning, 68, was found dead at his home on Odessa Avenue by his wife about 5 p.m. Saturday.

Investigators say they will not speculate on the exact cause of death until the medical examiner completes the investigation. However, Detective Morgan Bragg says it does appear it was an assault.

A friend of Browning says he was a preacher, volunteer at Raleigh General Hospital, and used to a be a troop leader for Boy Scouts.

Investigators say they believe the murder happened Saturday morning.

They say they found a weapon believed to have been used, and do have a suspect.

"Through processing the scene and other events that occurred through the night, we've identified a suspect in this case," Bragg told WVVA. "At this time we don't know of any connection between the suspect and the victim. By all indications this appears to have been a random event perpetuated by the suspect. They are in custody on other unrelated charges."

Detective Bragg says he hopes to issue a warrant for first degree murder within the next few days.

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