Top 10 Things You Need for Your Tailgate

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It is tailgating season! With High School, College & professional Football seasons in full swing, tailgating is a must! Make sure your weekends are filled with delicious food to warm you up as the temperature starts to go down. Whether you are tailgating at the stadium or from your living room Food Fair has you covered! Here are the top 10 things you need for your tailgate!

10. Deviled Eggs – A shareable classic to any tailgate. The secret to a perfect deviled egg is hiding them until the game starts, if you don’t there won’t be any left by kickoff. Use a traditional recipe or spice it up with your seasonings, herbs, or vegetables.

9. Potato skins – Cheese, bacon, and potatoes… need I say more? I don’t think anyone can deny that ANY form of potato is welcomed on game day, but something about potato skins gets you ready for the game.

8. Pigs in a Blanket – Simple, fun, and delicious for your game day menu! Take a hot dog or cocktail weenies and wrap them up in croissant or pretzel dough, bake in the oven then they are ready to dip in your favorite sauce!

7. 7 Layer Dip – 7 layers of anything sounds intimidating, but we promise this will be a hit! It is simple: refried beans, sour cream, guacamole, salsa, cheese, green onions, and to top it off olives! Sure, you could serve these all separate, but they are so much better together!

6. Tailgate Chili- Bring out the boilermaker! We are making chili this weekend! Brown your ground beef, add in your tomato sauce, your favorite beans, beer, veggies, spices and let it cook while you set up your tailgate. When it is ready add in your cheese, crackers or Fritos and you are ready to go! The real question is do you eat a grilled cheese or a peanut butter sandwich with your chili?

5. BBQ Cocktail Weenies – Break out the napkins! You know you can’t get enough of that sauce! Eat them with a fork or toothpick. Serve them wrapped in bacon or straight out of the slow cooker covered in BBQ sauce. Tackle your tailgating cravings with these lil’ smokies! They are a classic and always come paired with our next games day favorite…

4. Slow-Cooker Meatballs – They cook slow, but they go fast! Just like BBQ cocktail weenies, no tailgate is worth going to if there is not a crockpot full of meatballs. It is a tailgating staple even when you are tailgating from your couch.

3. Buffalo Chicken Dip – The amazing flavor of wings delivered on a chip! This dip is currently one of the most popular event appetizers. If you love hot buffalo sauce, cheese, and chicken this is for you! Why use it only as a dip? Some game day fans may want to think outside of the box and make buffalo chicken dip pizza, eggrolls, or even grilled cheeses. If you want an alternative to chips try crackers, carrots, or toasted baguettes!

2. Fully-Loaded Nachos – With nachos there are so many different variations. Switch the nachos out for tater tots, instead of taco meat use pulled pork, and the list can for on and on for toppings. Nachos are a customizable game day favorite, but there is one food that no game day is complete without…

1. Chicken Wings!!!! – No game day is complete without your favorite wings! Wings have so many sauce options and they’re easy to eat. Chop up some celery, get your favorite dip and chow down. You are sure to make a mess, but it is so worth it! That makes wings our top choice and always a favorite.

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