Top 10 Tips and Recipes for Your Summer Cookout!

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It is officially cookout season! Whether you are planning a holiday event, family reunion, or just cooking dinner… cook everything on the grill! Here are our top 10 essentials for grilling season!

10. Drinks - Make some homemade lemonade or fruit infused water or buy some delicious premade juice to make your day easier. Refreshments set the whole tone of your cookout.

9. Corn on the Cob - Nothing says summer like corn on the grill! If you want to try something new, make some Mexican street corn for extra flavor. Right now you can get 5 ears of corn in the husk for $1.98 at FoodFair!

8. Fruit - Eat it fresh or throw it on the grill. Either way, fruit is a refreshing essential for any cookout. Pineapple on the grill is a classic, but if you want to try something new throw some peach halves on the grill and serve them with vanilla ice cream!

7. Chips & Dips - Any chip and dip combination is the perfect appetizer while your food cooks on the grill!

6. Pasta Salad - Really any staple cookout salad will do! Make it yourself or buy one of Grandma’s Recipe pasta salads at FoodFair!

5. Shish Kebabs - A fun way to eat any combination of your favorite meat and veggies. If you are feeling adventurous add some fruit as well!

4. Coleslaw - I do not think any successful cookout can go without coleslaw. It is a classic when it comes to not only cookouts but summer in general.

3. Shrimp - Kebab them and grill them up! They do not take long to cook and everyone will enjoy!

2. Hot Dogs - I don’t think we have to explain why hot dogs are a necessity at your cookout. Spark a debate with your guest and ask if a hot dog is a sandwich!

1. The Beef! - Whether you are making steaks or hamburgers making sure you have the best quality of fresh meat is so important. At FoodFair we cut and grind our Black Canyon Angus Beef daily on site!