10 Things You Need for a Relaxing Backyard Picnic!

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Summer is at its peak! Most people are on or returning from vacation and the school year is slowly creeping up. It is time to relax this weekend before every weekend is filled with ball games and school shopping. Here are 10 things you need for a backyard picnic!

10. Picnic Essentials- Don’t forget all of your picnic essentials like Ice ($3.99/ 20lb bag), charcoal ($9.99), or propane tanks ($49.99 new, $16.99 refill).

9. Ice Cream Cones- With high temperatures this weekend, make sure you have something cold to you cool you off! Right now, you can get 128 oz of ice cream for $5.99 and Joy waffle cones 2/$5.

8. Sweet Tea- Is it even a picnic if there is no sweet tea involved? As always, FoodFair has United Dairy’s sweet tea on sale 10/$10.

7. Salads- Pasta, cheese and meat salads of all sorts are welcomed at the summer picnic. Right now Food Fair has Sandridge pasta salads for $4.99 each and Ballard’s meat and cheese salads 2/$5.

6. Fresh Vegetables - Fresh produce is the heart of the cookout. So many fruits and vegetables are in-season during the summer! FoodFair sells locally grown tomatoes from Clark’s Homegrown Produce Stand for $5.98 per 5lb basket.

5. Fresh Fruit- If you are looking for something a little more fresh than ice cream cones for dessert, fresh fruit is the perfect substitute! FoodFair offers a variety of berries, melons, and much much more for sale in their produce section!

4. Hot Dogs- Easy and to the point! Grill them up and add whatever toppings you want!

3. Hamburgers & Steak - You cannot celebrate the peak of summer without hamburgers and steaks on the grill! Black Canyon Sirloin Steaks are just $6.99 per pound, and you can get $3 off Black Canyon Angus Ground Chuck!

2. Sides – Sides are one of the most important parts of a picnic! Show up with Food Fair’s convenient hot or cold sides sold by the pound!

1. Fried Chicken- Would you rather spend the weekend enjoying time with family rather than over a hot grill or in a kitchen? Order Food Fair’s Best in Town Deli Fried Chicken! You can order 8-100 pieces starting at just $7.99!

*Please place orders 48 hours in advice to get your sides and chicken prepared!