3 Reasons to Preplan Your Funeral

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Death is never an easy subject to talk about however, making funeral arrangements beforehand gives you time to consider all your options and truly plan a service that’s unique to you. If you’re still on the fence, below are a few more reasons why preplanning is a good option.

1) You will reduce the stress for your family.

The death of a loved one is never easy to face. For many, navigating the emotions that follow a loss as well as setting up a funeral can be extremely stressful. Preplanning your funeral with Hall Funeral Home & Crematory can remove this stress from your family. When you preplan your funeral, all the arrangements are taken care of before your death. This means that your family will have the space they need to process the emotions of their loss.

2) You can ensure your wishes are met.

When you preplan your funeral with Hall Funeral Home & Crematory, you will get the guidance, help, and expertise you need to ensure your wishes are met. You are in control of creating a unique celebration of life. You also can include your family members in the planning, so the service reflects their wishes and needs as well. Ernie Hall says that their knowledgeable and compassionate directors stand ready to assist you, to answer all your questions, and present all your options in a warm, friendly setting.

3) You will save money.

If you are looking to secure your investments and protect your money against inflation, preplanning your funeral can be a great way to do that. At Hall Funeral Home & Crematory, they deposit your prepayments into a trust fund where it stays until it’s needed. Prepaying generally means you save money since you’re protected from inflation and price changes, and it also gives your family members peace of mind knowing that the funeral expenses are taken care of.

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