R&D Senior Solutions: Do you qualify for Open Enrollment Health Insurance?

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R&D Senior Solutions LLC is an independent insurance agency that specializes in offering Medicare and Life Insurance Solutions.

According to Ryan Skirvin, owner of R&D Senior Solutions, the open enrollment period for health insurance through the Healthcare Marketplace takes place from November 1st to January 15th.

Skirvin emphasized, “If you fall within the age bracket of 18 to 64, you have the opportunity to enroll in an individual health plan through the Marketplace. They provide both individual and family plans for individuals aged 18 to 64.”

He further explained that many of these plans, with a subsidy, can have a monthly premium of $0 based on income, covering a range of medical services including wellness visits, doctor consultations, hospital stays, dental care, vision services, and major surgeries.

“With the escalating costs of healthcare, even a routine surgery can be expensive. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to give us a call and explore what’s available to you,” Skirvin advised.

The mission of R&D Senior Solutions is to assist clients in comprehending and making informed decisions regarding insurance. The agency possesses the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to help clients achieve their established goals. Their overarching objective is to become a lifelong resource for clients, instilling greater confidence in selecting the right insurance plan.

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