Flooding cleanup continues in Martin County

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MARTIN COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) -- Scattered in the backyards of multiple homes in the Tomahawk community of Martin County, sentimental items, couches and many other things are outside drying. It has been more than a week and a half since flooding tore through the county.

"It's just heartbreaking, it's a lot of sentimental stuff," said Robyn Renner, the Director of Disaster Relief for the Christian Appalachian Project. "There was just debris, there was still water."

Renner says these types of situations are always heartbreaking to deal with. Some homes had upwards of five feet of water in them.

"The flooding here was about to this level right here," said William Grisales, a volunteer with CAP as he pointed to an area of the wall close to his eye-level. "So we have to take down basically the whole wall."

Volunteers like Renner say although there was a lot of destruction, cleanup has brought everyone together.

"They have neighbors helping neighbors," said Renner. "That's what we're here for."

For Grisales, a Dumont, New Jersey native, the damages five feet of floodwater caused, is easily cleared in minutes.

"The installation in the walls would start to grow mold if you'd leave it if you don't take it down and replace it," added Grisales.

Although it is a lot of cleaning up, he says there are lessons learned too.

"And also to hear like the stories of like the families as well, what they have to tell us, there's always something to learn from everyone and so it's been really an honor to do that," he added. "It feels great it feels like you're making a difference."

And organizers say the families are so appreciative of their help.

"The lady this morning said she's been bragging to everybody about how hard they were working, they got an entire room cleared out in less than a half hour," Renner added. "They have been so grateful."