Restaurant in Ashland holds grand opening carry-out style

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ASHLAND, Ky. (WSAZ) -- Mikal Miller has been saving up to open her restaurant for more than eight years. She planned on hosting a grand opening for her restaurant, Mill Cafe and Bakery, on April 4. But with a statewide business shutdown due to novel coronavirus, she saw an opportunity.

Mill Cafe and Bakery celebrates carryout grand opening during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

So Miller opened for business, carry-out style.

"I grew up baking with my grandmother. It was just always every holiday, and I baked with her nonstop. I went to culinary school and graduated with a degree in pastries," said Mikal Miller, owner of Mill Cafe and Bakery. "Then I moved back, and I just started baking from home to save up money."

Miller says even though it's not the grand opening she had planned, the Ashland community is doing its part to help.

"There's not really any planning for what's going on you can plan for everything but you can't plan for this," Miller said. " You can't even really tell anything is going on there, and you know it still has been just as busy as I think it would have been."

Visit Mill Cafe and Bakery's Facebook page to find out their daily lunch menu. Mill Cafe and Bakery is open for daily pickup and delivery.